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Suggest Best Canonical URL to Google

Suggest Google The Best Canonical URL for Your Pages

When a webpage can be reached by using more than one URL, then Google tries to find out the best URL also known as Canonical URL to display in search and to use in other ways. So, chances are there that webmasters might not be okay with the selected
Business Redressal Complaint Form Outcome Time
Google My Business

Expected Outcome Time After Business Redressal Complaint Form Submission

Last month Google launched Business Redressal Complaint Form to address the issue of misleading information or fraudulent activity on Google Maps which is undoubtedly a great step. So, do we know how much time it will take to process this request af
Google on Separate Mobile URLs
Technical SEO

How Google Consider Sites with Separate Mobile URLs

It’s been years, we have the concept of responsive web design but still, we are seeing some sites having m dot URLs (m.) as their mobile site solution. There is no issue with this but it forces webmasters to do more hard work. Regarding this, Goog
Irrelevant Content in GMB Description
Google My Business

Google My Business Doesn’t Allow Irrelevant Content in Business Description

Previously Google had stated that the published content i.e. the business description in Google My Business should focus on the information that makes your business stand out from others and business owners should use this description field to provid
Google Business Redressal Complaint Form
Google My Business

Google Launched “Business Redressal Complaint Form” to Report Spam on Google My Business

Nowadays, it is general practice to look for a place or business on Google Maps in order to access information like name, phone number or URL about the particular entity. However, at times we find people spamming Google maps with different techniques
Test My Site Tool

Google’s “Test My Site” Tool Upgraded

Yesterday, Google introduced two updates in its Test My Site tool, one of the most preferred & used tools by web developers. As per their statement, to provide more accurate & actionable results, the team made the changes in the tool. As per
Google on Crawling & Rendering Webpage
Technical SEO

Google on Crawling & Rendering a Page Simultaneously

On various occasions, Google has claimed that crawling and rendering occurred simultaneously. However, we all know that there is considerable time taken between both these operations. On a query raised on Twitter, John Mueller of Google said that "W
Gary on Panda, Penguin & Medic Update
Google Algorithm

Gary Illyes on Panda, Penguin, and Medic Update at Search Masters Brazil Event

Recently, Google’s Gary Illyes at Search Masters Brazil Event has clarified few facts about Google Panda, Penguin and recent Medic update. Gary at Search Masters Brazil event while answering to Pedro Dias about Google Panda and Penguin algorithm s
Location Score for Hotels
Local SEO

Google Introduced Location Score for Hotels

Recently, Google has added a location tab for hotel search in its local knowledge panel. Google has added this tab to provide the location score of a hotel to users who search hotels in that location. This location score ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 be
Google to Send Email Notifications
SEO News

Google to Send E-mail Notifications to Customers When Their Reviews Are Responded

Usually, after submitting a review in Google for any business, a customer needs to check manually for any reply from the business. But to make this easier for customers, Google has recently announced that they will start using e-mail notifications t
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report