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SEO-Friendly Web Design Service By SUVAANCE

SUVAANCE offers SEO friendly web designing service that not only gives your site a eye-catching look but also at the same time keeping in mind the web design guidelines by Google. So at the end your site will get maximum advantage in terms of SEO to fetch you higher ranking & traffic converting into leads. Our professional web designers are well experienced in building various kinds of sites ranging from educational sites to commercial sites. So, they know every aspect of your need whether you mention it or not. With proper training in SEO, they certainly provide the best site to you in terms of looks and search engines’ value.

The following two problems are quite common in so many sites.

SEO Without Web Designing

Many SEOs and webmasters think with good SEO, a site can get good business. Do you agree? WRONG!
Lets go through the process step by step. First, good SEO means higher ranking. Higher ranking means more visibility & more traffic to your site. Here the complacency of inexperienced SEOs & webmasters start. They think target is achieved. But think about the behavior of a user after he/she lands in a site. The human psychology teaches us that the first thing we stick to is the general look of any object and so is the case with your site. If your site has a dull look, certainly a user will be less interested in further navigation to other pages. The next thing with a poorly designed site is its improper site architecture. Without sound and friendly site architecture, a use can easily feel like being lost in a site without proper navigation guidance to reach the exact page he/she needs. So, though a site with great SEO can get you required traffic; but it can’t help you to convert that into your valuable lead.

Web Designing Without SEO

We also come across many sites with great design but with poor SEO. And without proper optimization the site is just like a beautiful Request 1 palace in a deep forest having no one there to admire. The first thing a site needs is maximum visibility in SERP so that visitors would know about your site and have a chance to look in to your site. And without SEO it is nearly impossible to get traffic.

Common Features of such sites:

1. Page title missing or multiple pages with same title
2. Missing meta-description or multiple pages with same meta description
3. Improper URL structure
4. Canonical error
5. Absence of rich snippets
6. Absence of header tags or over-optimized tags
7. Poor site architecture
8. Poor content architecture
9. Page layout problem
10. Site map & robots.txt page error

How SUVAANCE Helps You To Get SEO-Friendly Web Designing

Here at SUVAANCE, we consider web design as an integral part of SEO strategy in present scenario. After several updates like Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird by Google in its algorithm, it is well understood that Google is giving more & more importance to users. So during the design of a site, we give equal importance to users and search engine guidelines so that our clients will get maximum beefit in one go.

It is really easy to ingrain SEO strategy in earlier stage of site development rather than adjusting the design to fit to SEO strategy in a later period. So, our web designers are properly trained in SEO aspect of site designing and hence when you get your site designed by us, it is complete in every aspect; killer looks with required SEO aspects both for users & search engines.