Google On Normal Content Indexing Issue

Are You Facing Indexing Issue For Your Normal Content?

Posted On : February 5th, 2020   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Technical SEO

In search forums and social media platforms, we can see many webmasters complaining about Google not indexing their pages and posts. As these are normal content, these should be indexed by Google by default.

But, if Google is not indexing these normal content, then webmasters should first check for any technical issues (e.g. meta robots tag set to noindex or any issues like this) on their site. Along with fixing website technical issues, webmasters need to add Sitemap in their website. Sitemap plays a great role in letting search engine like Google to discover your content.

Also, there is a Request Indexing Feature in Google which allows webmasters to manually submit their URLs for indexing.

But, John Mueller of Google recently on Twitter said that if a website relies on manual index submission for normal content, then its webmaster needs to fix & improve the quality significantly.

John here mainly hinted webmasters to check for site quality issues.

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