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What Is IndexNow

What Is IndexNow And How It Can Be Used For SEO?

Simply put, IndexNow is a product of Microsoft Bing and Yandex's creative effort- to push content to search engines. This protocol made it easier for webmasters to inform search engines about the changes done to the website using an HTTP request and
Does Migrating Website Hosting Location Affect SEO

Does Migrating Website Hosting Location Affect SEO?

In the latest episode of AskGooglebot, John Mueller of Google has shared his thought on how the geographic location of a website server affects SEO. A user on YouTube asked John about “does migrating a website hosting location affects SEO? E.g.
Redirects & Site Moves

How Long A Site Should Keep A Redirect After A Site Move?

When we think of moving a website, there are numerous questions that come to our mind. One of the most asked questions regarding a site move is how long a webmaster should keep the redirects after a site move. Google’s John Mueller recently deli

How Usable Is Your Website?

According to a recent Google article, Google has seen a median 70% increase in the number of users engaging with Lighthouse & PageSpeed Insights. That shows webmaster/site owners are now getting serious with their websites’ overall mobile pe
Google Supported Image Formats In Structured Data

Which Image Formats Does Google Support In Structured Data?

Webmasters have various levels of confusion on which image formats are supported by Google in structured data. Definitely, it’s one of the important areas of concern for webmasters as images are critical for websites and are used to provide informa
Google Image Sitemaps Page Updated

Google Updated Its Image Sitemaps Page For Webmasters

Google recently updated its image sitemaps page for webmasters. There is a little change in it, but an important one. You can see both the old new & new content in the below image. Google has suggested webmasters to add image metadata like

Google Updated Its Make Your Link Crawlable Page

In a recent update, Google has made some changes in its content on “Make Your Links Crawlable” page. A new section is added on the page about “Link to Resolvable URLs” where they clearly mentioned; “Ensure that the URL linked to by yo

Does Performing Hreflang Markup Cloaking Attract Google Penalty?

We all know that Google considers cloaking as a violation of its webmaster’s guidelines as this practice presents different content or URLs to search engines and users. But, have you ever thought about a situation where the hreflang markup will

Google On Requirement of Security Certificate While Merging Sites

Switching from an old domain to a new domain is a hefty task. And, one of the most important questions that arise while switching to a new domain is whether to keep the security certificate for the old domain or not. In various forums, we can see web

How To Handle Pagination For A Blog?

Those who are blogging for a long time must have come across the thought of how to handle the blog page pagination and what will be the impact on SEO if too many paginated pages are there on the site. It’s very much important to follow the best pra
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