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Google On Security Certificate Requirement

Google On Requirement of Security Certificate While Merging Sites

Switching from an old domain to a new domain is a hefty task. And, one of the most important questions that arise while switching to a new domain is whether to keep the security certificate for the old domain or not. In various forums, we can see web
Blog Pagination Handling Tips

How To Handle Pagination For A Blog?

Those who are blogging for a long time must have come across the thought of how to handle the blog page pagination and what will be the impact on SEO if too many paginated pages are there on the site. It’s very much important to follow the best pra
Google On BBB Rating As A Ranking Factor

Does Google Use BBB Rating As A Ranking Factor?

There is a common belief in webmasters and SEOs that good BBB (Better Business Bureaus) ratings or reviews can help them rank better in Google. But, does Google really consider BBB ratings or reviews as part of its search ranking factors? Recently
Google On Webspam Manual Actions

Google’s Advice On Webspam Manual Actions And Reconsideration Requests

In the recent #AskGoogleWebmasters YouTube series, John Mueller of Google has shared his advice on webspam manual actions and reconsideration requests. In this video, John said that if your website is flagged as spam and you have no idea on how to
Link Disavow File Process

Does Google Process Link Disavow Files Instantly?

Google link disavow tool is a great tool for webmasters as it helps them to request Google to devalue spammy or bad backlinks. By following this process, webmasters can stay away from link penalties or negative SEO. But, after submitting the disav
Google On Old Domain Removal After Site Merge

Google Takes Longer To Remove Old Domain When You Merge Sites

Recently on Twitter, John Mueller of Google was asked to share his thoughts on why even after moving an old site to a new domain the old domain URLs are still showing in SERP. Also, the asked person has used the Removal Tool but still, the old URLs a
Google On URL Length

Is URL Length A Google Ranking Factor?

Proper setup of a website’s URL structure and length plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization. That’s why SEOs & Webmasters always focus on maintaining good URL structure and proper URL length for their sites. But, what to do
Google On Normal Content Indexing Issue

Are You Facing Indexing Issue For Your Normal Content?

In search forums and social media platforms, we can see many webmasters complaining about Google not indexing their pages and posts. As these are normal content, these should be indexed by Google by default. But, if Google is not indexing these no
Google On Crawling Prioritization

Does Google Prioritize Crawling For US Sites?

Many webmasters and SEOs believe that Google prioritize the crawling & indexing of websites hosted in the USA as Googlebot starts from the USA. But, is it true? When asked about this, Google’s John Mueller replied that our crawlers are ve
Disavow Spammy Domain

Is It Required To Disavow A Spammy Domain Before It Links To You?

As website owners, we all want to follow good practices to get better ranking from search engines like Google. But, backlinks from spammy domains can be a hurdle. Also, there are cases where some spammy websites intimidate webmasters with bad links.
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