Google Introduced New Reports for Review Snippets in Search Console

Posted On : February 11th, 2020   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google Update

When a webmaster implements proper reviews or ratings markup in his site, Google first validates this markup and may show this rich result directly on search results or as part of Google Knowledge panel.

On 10th February 2020, Google has announced support for review snippets in Google Search Console which includes new reports to help webmasters find any issues with this rich snippet implementation and track how this rich result type is improving their performance.

The new reports in Google Search Console are:

  1. Review snippet Enhancement report
  2. Review snippet appearance in Performance report
  3. Review snippet in Rich Results Test

1. Review snippet Enhancement report

Google Reviews Snippet Enhancement

With this report, webmasters can now check errors, warnings and validate pages for markup implemented on their sites.

Also, if webmasters see any sort of issues in their reviews and rating structured data implementation, they can fix the issue and can use this report to validate the same.

2. Review snippet appearance in Performance report

Google Reviews Snippet Performance

This report allows webmasters to check how the pages with reviews or rating mark-up are performing on Google search and discover using the new “Review snippet” search appearance filter.

3. Review snippet in Rich Results Test

Google Rich Results Test

Webmasters after adding the review snippets structured data to their pages, can test those pages using Google’s Rich Results Test tool. This test shows any errors or suggestions for the used structured data.

Here, webmasters can either test a code snippet or submit a page URL.


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