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Reversing Website Move
Technical SEO

How to Tackle While Reversing a Site Move?

Moving from one domain to another or changing the website’s URL structure is always tricky and need a bunch of sensible works to be done like proper redirections, changing internal links, updating sitemaps etc. to get everything right. But, site m
Google My Business & Google Plus Difference

Difference Between Google My Business & Google+

Google My Business & Google+ are two main tools of Google and many users get confused while using these two. Recently, Google released one article which elaborates some of the differences between Google My Business & Google+. Google My Busine
Structure Data Impact on Ranking
Technical SEO

Impact of Structured Data on Ranking

For quite some time now, it’s been a talk in the SEO industry as well as confusion amongst webmasters regarding the impact of structured data on Google ranking. Previously, Google’s John Mueller confirmed that “Structured Data doesn’t have a
GMB Updated Directions Heatmap
Google My Business, Local SEO

Google My Business Updated Directions Heatmap

Yesterday, Google My Business community manager Allyson has notified that some changes have been done to the directions heatmap and these changes are rolling out this week. Business owners will be happy to know that with this change, they can now tr
Gender Attribute by Google
Google Algorithm Update, Local SEO

Google Introduced Gender Attribute In Google My Business

On the occasion of International Women’s Day this year, Google has announced the introduction of Gender attribute in Google My Business. Any business owned, led or founded by women can enable the Women-led attribute from their Google My Business da
Google Speed Update
Google Algorithm Update

Google Speed Update Coming In July 2018

Yesterday Google announced that it is going to use page speed as a ranking signal in mobile search from July 2018. Google has named the upcoming algorithm update as the “speed update”. Google has already been using the page speed signal as rankin

Google Maps Offline Navigation Launched In India

Remember the day you felt worried when you were going to an unknown place for something urgent and have kept smartphone handy to know the route but found difficulty while accessing the internet due to spotty internet connection or full null connectio
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report