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Does Migrating Website Hosting Location Affect SEO
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Does Migrating Website Hosting Location Affect SEO?

In the latest episode of AskGooglebot, John Mueller of Google has shared his thought on how the geographic location of a website server affects SEO. A user on YouTube asked John about “does migrating a website hosting location affects SEO? E.g.
Google Introduced New Meta Robots Tag indexifembedded

Google Introduced New Meta Robots Tag : indexifembedded

On 21st Jan 2022, Google introduced a new robots tag named indexifembedded. This new robots tag works in combination with the noindex tag only when the page with noindex tag is embedded through iframes and similar HTML tags in other pages. Presently,

User-generated Content Guide for Publishers by Google

User-generated content has umpteen benefits like building trust, providing social proof, attracting more discussions and engagements, etc. And recently, Google has released a guideline for publishers allowing user-generated content on their websites
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How Usable Is Your Website?

According to a recent Google article, Google has seen a median 70% increase in the number of users engaging with Lighthouse & PageSpeed Insights. That shows webmaster/site owners are now getting serious with their websites’ overall mobile pe
Google On Guest Blog Post Links

Does Google Use Guest Blog Post Links?

Normally, webmasters do guest blog posting to share their expertise on other websites so that they can establish themselves as an authority figure in their respective industry. Also, this process helps webmasters to build relationships with other exp
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Google Updated Its Make Your Link Crawlable Page

In a recent update, Google has made some changes in its content on “Make Your Links Crawlable” page. A new section is added on the page about “Link to Resolvable URLs” where they clearly mentioned; “Ensure that the URL linked to by yo
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Google Provides Better Control Over Search Console User Level Preferences

Today, Google has announced that it has added new options in Google Search Console to provide users better control over Search Console user level preferences. These options are: Email Preferences and Search Console in Search Results Web
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Google On Requirement of Security Certificate While Merging Sites

Switching from an old domain to a new domain is a hefty task. And, one of the most important questions that arise while switching to a new domain is whether to keep the security certificate for the old domain or not. In various forums, we can see web
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Does Google Use BBB Rating As A Ranking Factor?

There is a common belief in webmasters and SEOs that good BBB (Better Business Bureaus) ratings or reviews can help them rank better in Google. But, does Google really consider BBB ratings or reviews as part of its search ranking factors? Recently
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Does Google Process Link Disavow Files Instantly?

Google link disavow tool is a great tool for webmasters as it helps them to request Google to devalue spammy or bad backlinks. By following this process, webmasters can stay away from link penalties or negative SEO. But, after submitting the disav
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