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Google Explained Best SEO Practices to Business Owners

In the latest episode of “Search for Beginners”, Google explained SEO to business owners. Here, Google explained the best SEO practices to business owners and advised them to stay away from black-hat SEO techniques. This video is mainly targeted
Top 5 Things To Consider For A Website

Beginners Tips By Google On Top 5 Things To Consider For A Website

Google has released a latest episode of “Search for Begineers”. In this episode, Google has listed top 5 things that webmasters should consider for their websites. Let’s go through them. 1. Does Google know about your website Webma
Crawling Impact on Ranking

Does More Crawling Mean Things Like Rankings Are Better?

It’s a general misconception that when a website gets crawled many times it means things like rankings are better for the website. But, things are actually not like that. Recently on Reddit, Google’s John Mueller while clarifying one doubt said
Top 5 Common On-site SEO Mistakes

Top 5 Common On-site SEO Mistakes to Fix ASAP

Many a times webmasters and SEOs keep thinking what has gone wrong with their sites? Their ranking is not developing even after spending a hefty amount in marketing. Nothing wrong with the strategy but still performance is not developing over the tim
E-Commerce Category Pages Content

Google’s View on Content of E-Commerce Websites Category Pages

In E-Commerce websites category pages, we often come across a page heading followed by product listings and then a big chunk of text at the bottom. So, is it a good practice? Obviously NO. We all know this answer as this is not a standard optimiza
Strong Page Vs. Weak Pages

Which One Is Better: One Strong Page Or Many Weak Pages?

Many webmasters have a conception that their websites should have more number of pages. Having more number of pages is fine when each page stands for an individual broad topic or idea. But, if you have one big page and you are chopping that page’s
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