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Does More Crawling Mean Things Like Rankings Are Better?

Posted On : April 10th, 2019   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : SEO Tips

It’s a general misconception that when a website gets crawled many times it means things like rankings are better for the website.

But, things are actually not like that.

Recently on Reddit, Google’s John Mueller while clarifying one doubt said that more crawling doesn’t mean things (like rankings) are better. It just means Google is able to see changes a little bit faster.

John on Reddit Regarding Crawling

So, crawling has no direct impact on a website’s ranking and basically depends upon the type of website.

For example, if a website is static which means no frequent changes done on it, then there is no need for Google to crawl this site more often. Likewise, dynamic sites in which changes like page/post update, new page/post creation etc. are done frequently can be crawled more. Likewise, news sites are frequently crawled by Googlebot.

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