Google Webmaster Conference

Google Launched Webmaster Conference

Posted On : June 12th, 2019   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google

On June 10th, Google officially launched Webmaster Conference to help web creators get useful information on how to perform better in Google Search Results. The Webmaster Conference includes series of local events around the world.

The motto behind this is to organize events in areas from where it’s difficult to access information or search conferences about Google Search or in a region which is in need of a specific search event.

Along with this, Google wants web creators to have equal opportunity in Google Search regardless of their language, financial status, gender, location, or any other attribute.

Also, Google clarified few more things about Webmaster Conference –

  • These conferences are always free and easily accessible in the region where they’re organized, and, based on feedback from the local communities and analyses, they’re tailored for the audience that signed up for the events.
  • The talks will be in the local language, in case of international speakers through interpreters, and we’ll do our best to also offer sign language interpretation if requested.
  • The structure of the event varies from region to region.
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