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Google Video Uploading Option

Google Added Video Upload Option in Google Posts

After adding offers in Google Posts, again Google has surprised business owners by allowing them to upload videos in Google Posts. This new feature is now available for all and easy to use. To use this feature, First, have the video you want t
Google Added Clear Option in GMB
Google My Business

Google Added Clear Option for Attributes in GMB

Google uses attributes in Google My Business to describe the various elements of a business and as per Allyson Wright of Google, they have heard from users that continually setting attributes for each listing is tedious. So, to overcome this, Allyso
Strong Page Vs. Weak Pages
SEO Tips

Which One Is Better: One Strong Page Or Many Weak Pages?

Many webmasters have a conception that their websites should have more number of pages. Having more number of pages is fine when each page stands for an individual broad topic or idea. But, if you have one big page and you are chopping that page’s
More Results in Google Mobile SERP

Google Is Testing “More Results” in Mobile SERP

Danny Sullivan, Google's public @searchliaison, officially confirmed the testing of “More Results” button in Google SERP. Previously, Google tested this button with limited searchers but now, Google is trying it with more people. You guys, when
Google on Website URL Ending
Technical SEO

Does Your Website’s URL Ending Matter for Google

While building a website, webmasters often think about which platform to use for their websites. Many a times webpages’ URL ending or page extension plays some parts in this decision. They fear that search engines like Google might be giving prefer
Business Description in Knowledge Panel
Google My Business, Local SEO

Google to Show Business Description in Knowledge Panel

Hello Business Owners, Here is a good news for you! It seems like now Google is again letting business owners to add or edit their business description inside Google My Business. And most importantly, this business description will be available unde
Latest Google Map Features
Local SEO, SEO News

Plus Codes, Smart Address Search in Map & Six Indian Languages Newly Added in Voice Navigation By Google

Google has been facing immense challenges to address the issues in Google Map search in India due to complexities & uniqueness in the address system of Indian location & this becomes manifold due to several languages in force & in combina
Copyright Content Modification
Google Penalty

Why You Should Not Revise a Page That Has Been Removed upon DMCA Takedown Notice

Few days ago, we published one article on what happens to the ranking of a page removed upon DMCA request and now we got some more information to add on that topic. In that article we have covered two questions. Is there any immediate impact of ra

Google Released The Latest Search Quality Rating Guidelines

On 19th November 2015, Google finally released a full 160 page PDF file of search rating guidelines which is extensively used by the search quality evaluators to rate Google search results they are experimenting. The ratings or feedbacks provided by
Google Algorithm Update

A Second Thought About Google Multi-Week Algorithm Update Impact On PMD & EMD

Google’s multi-week algorithm update rolled out in the last part of June’13 & first part of July’13 has been a matter of intense discussion in SEO community. Though specifics of the update have not been declared by Google but Dr. Pete has a
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report