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Google Introduced Knowledge Panel Verification Process

Posted On : June 26th, 2018   By : Dillip K Mohanty   To : SEO News

Google on last Friday announced that individuals or organizations with knowledge panel in Google search can now use Google’s verification process to claim their knowledge panels.

This verification process is not limited to certain individuals or entities. Anyone with a knowledge panel is eligible to get verified.

It’s a great news for individuals and organizations. Because, once the panel gets verified, the owner of that panel can provide authoritative feedback on the images and information present in the panel.

Let’s see how to verify the knowledge panel

Step-1: In Google, simply search your name or organization name.

Step-2: Check whether knowledge panel is present or not. If yes;

Step-3: Just scroll below the knowledge panel and search for “do you manage the online presence” part and click on that.

Step-4: After clicking that, you will be redirected to another page where you can get the “Get Verified” button and click on that button.

Step-5: Then Google will ask you to verify your panel by using YouTube, Google+, Twitter or Search Console.

Step-6: That’s all. Just choose the platform you are okay with and get your panel verified.

Google Knowledge Panel Verification Process

Once your panel gets verified, you are all set to suggest changes to the information present in your panel and can suggest a featured image too.

It’s worth to mention here that Google use data from other high authoritative sites like Wikipedia or Wikidata etc. and shows them in Knowledge Panel. Also, it shows the social data from verified social accounts of the entities. But in the process, sometimes it shows wrong or old data. You can check it here & here covered by us earlier, interestingly even for their own people.

I hope, Google will solve such issues with this new verification process whereby users can fix such errors themselves.

*Gif Image credit goes to: Google Blog.

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