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Distribution of DF & NF Links
Google Penalty

Does Good Distribution Of DF & NF Links Keep You Away From Google Link Penalty?

If your website has unnatural, irrelevant, spammy or low quality links, then you are on the verge of receiving Google Link Penalty. Webmasters must have some idea on such penalties. But, have you ever thought about the distribution of Do Follow and N
Google Image Sitemaps Page Updated
Technical SEO

Google Updated Its Image Sitemaps Page For Webmasters

Google recently updated its image sitemaps page for webmasters. There is a little change in it, but an important one. You can see both the old new & new content in the below image. Google has suggested webmasters to add image metadata like
Hreflang Markup Cloaking
Technical SEO

Does Performing Hreflang Markup Cloaking Attract Google Penalty?

We all know that Google considers cloaking as a violation of its webmaster’s guidelines as this practice presents different content or URLs to search engines and users. But, have you ever thought about a situation where the hreflang markup will
GMB Tips for Healthcare Providers
Google My Business

Google My Business Guidance Tips For Healthcare Providers

Google has recently released a help document for healthcare providers like doctors, therapists, and other medical practitioners to help them get started with Google My Business so that they can use Google My Business properly and claim and manage the
Blog Pagination Handling Tips
Technical SEO

How To Handle Pagination For A Blog?

Those who are blogging for a long time must have come across the thought of how to handle the blog page pagination and what will be the impact on SEO if too many paginated pages are there on the site. It’s very much important to follow the best pra
Google On Webspam Manual Actions
Technical SEO

Google’s Advice On Webspam Manual Actions And Reconsideration Requests

In the recent #AskGoogleWebmasters YouTube series, John Mueller of Google has shared his advice on webspam manual actions and reconsideration requests. In this video, John said that if your website is flagged as spam and you have no idea on how to
Google Best SEO Practices Tips
SEO Tips

Google Explained Best SEO Practices to Business Owners

In the latest episode of “Search for Beginners”, Google explained SEO to business owners. Here, Google explained the best SEO practices to business owners and advised them to stay away from black-hat SEO techniques. This video is mainly targeted
Google On Old Domain Removal After Site Merge
Technical SEO

Google Takes Longer To Remove Old Domain When You Merge Sites

Recently on Twitter, John Mueller of Google was asked to share his thoughts on why even after moving an old site to a new domain the old domain URLs are still showing in SERP. Also, the asked person has used the Removal Tool but still, the old URLs a
Google On URL Length
Technical SEO

Is URL Length A Google Ranking Factor?

Proper setup of a website’s URL structure and length plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization. That’s why SEOs & Webmasters always focus on maintaining good URL structure and proper URL length for their sites. But, what to do
Google On Crawling Prioritization
Technical SEO

Does Google Prioritize Crawling For US Sites?

Many webmasters and SEOs believe that Google prioritize the crawling & indexing of websites hosted in the USA as Googlebot starts from the USA. But, is it true? When asked about this, Google’s John Mueller replied that our crawlers are ve
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report