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Google Search Console Domain Properties

Google Launched “domain properties” in Search Console

Http, https, www, non-www; all these versions of your website might be considered as different domains by Google. That’s why earlier, Google used to ask to add & verify all these versions in Google Search Console manually and to set the preferr
E-Commerce Category Pages Content
SEO Tips, Technical SEO

Google’s View on Content of E-Commerce Websites Category Pages

In E-Commerce websites category pages, we often come across a page heading followed by product listings and then a big chunk of text at the bottom. So, is it a good practice? Obviously NO. We all know this answer as this is not a standard optimiza
Google Maps App Follow Button Feature
Google Maps

Get Updates of Your Favorite Places from the Google Maps App on iOS

Google this week has added one cool feature in its Google Maps app on iOS. This feature enables iOS users to get updated info with a single tap. All you need to do is to search for any new of your favorite place and tap the Follow button. You will b
Google Service Area Features Improved
Google My Business

Google Improved Service Area Features in Google My Business

On 02nd Nov, Google’s Community Manager, Kara Jancourtz announced that they are making improvements to provide better support for service area of business. Previously, in GMB, both store front & service area businesses had only a single field
Google on URL Structure Change
Technical SEO

Google Advised Webmasters Not to Change URL Structure Unless Required

Many webmasters often believe that changing URL structures like changing sub domain path or adding area name, keywords etc. in the URL might help them to boost some rank in Google SERP. But, is it acceptable to change the URL structure of your websit
Google Medic Update is Global
Google Algorithm Update, SEO News

Google’s August Core Algorithm Update A.K.A Medic Update Is Global

Google on 1st August has launched one search algorithm update. And after the complete rollout of this update, the SEO industry experts have come to a conclusion that this update has impacted the medical and health sector the most and named it as Medi
Google Knowledge Panel Verification
SEO News

Google Introduced Knowledge Panel Verification Process

Google on last Friday announced that individuals or organizations with knowledge panel in Google search can now use Google’s verification process to claim their knowledge panels. This verification process is not limited to certain individuals or
Google Video Uploading Option

Google Added Video Upload Option in Google Posts

After adding offers in Google Posts, again Google has surprised business owners by allowing them to upload videos in Google Posts. This new feature is now available for all and easy to use. To use this feature, First, have the video you want t
Google Added Clear Option in GMB
Google My Business

Google Added Clear Option for Attributes in GMB

Google uses attributes in Google My Business to describe the various elements of a business and as per Allyson Wright of Google, they have heard from users that continually setting attributes for each listing is tedious. So, to overcome this, Allyso
Strong Page Vs. Weak Pages
SEO Tips

Which One Is Better: One Strong Page Or Many Weak Pages?

Many webmasters have a conception that their websites should have more number of pages. Having more number of pages is fine when each page stands for an individual broad topic or idea. But, if you have one big page and you are chopping that page’s
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report