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Breaking all previous records in Google update

As per the Mozcast weather report, yesterday it was recorded as 120oF is the largest figure ever recorded, after 25th June when it was 113oF. Even news from different sectors has confirmed the change. More confirmation is needed to prove the magnitud
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Matt Cutts Hinted Using Stock Photos Would Be A Ranking Factor In Future

Matt Cutts from Google has answered a question about the effect of using stock photos in ranking yesterday. It is very clear from the video that Google doesn’t use this as a ranking factor now. But he mentioned that it will be in future and said im

Welcome To SUVAANCE MicroBlog

Welcome to the MicroBlog of SUVAANCE! We have to separate this category of posts from main blog due to certain reason. First, when we talk about blog post; the first picture comes to our mind is about a lengthy writing covering every aspect of the su
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