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Google My Business Guidance Tips For Healthcare Providers

Google has recently released a help document for healthcare providers like doctors, therapists, and other medical practitioners to help them get started with Google My Business so that they can use Google My Business properly and claim and manage the
GMB Product Catalog Feature

Google Made Its Product Catalog Feature Global

On October 2018, Google added Product Catalogs feature in Google My Business pages and this feature was previously available in mobile search results only. But on 4th April 2019, Google made an update to its Google My Business Profiles and with this
New Google My Business Community

Google Launched New Google My Business Help Community

Yesterday, Google launched a new Google My Business Help Community. The previous Google My Business Community is still live but in read only mode and will be closed by July 2019. We've launched a new Google My Business Help Community and hope to see
Business Redressal Complaint Form Outcome Time

Expected Outcome Time After Business Redressal Complaint Form Submission

Last month Google launched Business Redressal Complaint Form to address the issue of misleading information or fraudulent activity on Google Maps which is undoubtedly a great step. So, do we know how much time it will take to process this request af
Irrelevant Content in GMB Description

Google My Business Doesn’t Allow Irrelevant Content in Business Description

Previously Google had stated that the published content i.e. the business description in Google My Business should focus on the information that makes your business stand out from others and business owners should use this description field to provid
Google Business Redressal Complaint Form

Google Launched “Business Redressal Complaint Form” to Report Spam on Google My Business

Nowadays, it is general practice to look for a place or business on Google Maps in order to access information like name, phone number or URL about the particular entity. However, at times we find people spamming Google maps with different techniques
Google Service Area Features Improved

Google Improved Service Area Features in Google My Business

On 02nd Nov, Google’s Community Manager, Kara Jancourtz announced that they are making improvements to provide better support for service area of business. Previously, in GMB, both store front & service area businesses had only a single field
Google Added Clear Option in GMB

Google Added Clear Option for Attributes in GMB

Google uses attributes in Google My Business to describe the various elements of a business and as per Allyson Wright of Google, they have heard from users that continually setting attributes for each listing is tedious. So, to overcome this, Allyso
GMB Updated Directions Heatmap

Google My Business Updated Directions Heatmap

Yesterday, Google My Business community manager Allyson has notified that some changes have been done to the directions heatmap and these changes are rolling out this week. Business owners will be happy to know that with this change, they can now tr
Business Description in Knowledge Panel

Google to Show Business Description in Knowledge Panel

Hello Business Owners, Here is a good news for you! It seems like now Google is again letting business owners to add or edit their business description inside Google My Business. And most importantly, this business description will be available unde
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