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Google Site Migration Gone Wrong Notice

Google Introduced Site Migration Gone Wrong Notice

Today, we have found one helpful Google feature for webmasters. And this feature is “Site Migration Gone Wrong” notice. When we migrate our website from http to https, we have few important things to do like Performing proper 301 redirections
Google Medic Update is Global

Google’s August Core Algorithm Update A.K.A Medic Update Is Global

Google on 1st August has launched one search algorithm update. And after the complete rollout of this update, the SEO industry experts have come to a conclusion that this update has impacted the medical and health sector the most and named it as Medi
Google Knowledge Panel Verification

Google Introduced Knowledge Panel Verification Process

Google on last Friday announced that individuals or organizations with knowledge panel in Google search can now use Google’s verification process to claim their knowledge panels. This verification process is not limited to certain individuals or
Google to Send Email Notifications

Google to Send E-mail Notifications to Customers When Their Reviews Are Responded

Usually, after submitting a review in Google for any business, a customer needs to check manually for any reply from the business. But to make this easier for customers, Google has recently announced that they will start using e-mail notifications t
Google Testing Offer

Google Is Testing Offer in Google Post

Around a year ago, Google released a new feature “Google Posts” and now it seems like Google is trying to add “Offer” to it. The recent tweet of Colan Nieslen shows the new design of Google Posts. This new design includes “Offer” in it.
Google Map

39 New Languages Added to Google Maps

After the introduction of Plus Codes and Smart Address Search on 13th Mar, Google has announced another big news for Map users. Google has announced that its Google Maps software now supports 39 new languages. As per Google’s estimation, around 1.
Mobile First Indexing

Google Started Rolling Out Mobile-First Indexing

Finally, Google has made an official announcement that they have started rolling out mobile-first indexing. Yes! After a year and half of experimentation and testing, they have started migrating websites that follow the best practices for mobile-firs
Latest Google Map Features

Plus Codes, Smart Address Search in Map & Six Indian Languages Newly Added in Voice Navigation By Google

Google has been facing immense challenges to address the issues in Google Map search in India due to complexities & uniqueness in the address system of Indian location & this becomes manifold due to several languages in force & in combina
Not Secure Alert by Google

Not Secure Alert in Google Chrome from Coming July

Hello Webmasters! It seems like you have to work hard prior to July. Yes, you heard that right. You must have heard about “Google Speed Update” which is coming from July 2018. Along with this, Google is also going to take one major step towards H
Hoster Problem

Google’s Call on Hoster Problems

Are your webpages marred for days because of long term hoster problems? Such issues shouldn't be taken lightly & it is important to know how Google will respond to such problems? According to John Muller, for such problems it is recommended for
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report