Durga Prasad Kundu

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Use a White PNG Logo

Posted On: February 13th, 2018    By: Durga Prasad Kundu  To  Technical SEO

Before making a website, we think about many things and one of the major concerns is “Brand Logo”. Brand logo represents the core value, purpose of our business and we tend to think a lot about its design, colors etc. But have you ever thought about

When it comes to bring in the best for users, undoubtedly Google comes to forefront with new features being added to its search results frequently. The last big leap was of course RankBrain wherein Google had introduced AI in its search algorithm. Though

Dillip Kumar Mohanty

What’s New in Google’s New Search Console?

Posted On: January 12th, 2018    By: Dillip Kumar Mohanty  To  Google

Last year Google released a beta version of new search console to limited users. But Google has started rolling out the beta version of new search console to all users now. Now Google Search Console URL is shifting from

On 09th April 2010, Google has added site speed as ranking a signal in its search algorithm. For better user experience, Google has added this signal in its search algorithm. And in 04th February 2014, Google was granted a patent “Using resource load

Since a couple of years, structured data markup has become the top priority for website owners. This is a perfect way to let the search engines know what exactly the meaning of the information you are placing in the markup. And they love to display these

My answer? A Big NO! A lot of discussion is going on about artificial intelligence controlled search algorithm to produce better & spam free results. No doubt, anomaly exists in any system so is in search results and there are ample examples critics

It’s again Navneet Panda, the key person behind Google Panda Algorithm! Panda algorithm is completely related to on-site issues & most specifically quality of content. But this time, it is website duration performance based on category durations.

Dillip Kumar Mohanty

How Google Detects New Local Businesses

Posted On: January 29th, 2016    By: Dillip Kumar Mohanty  To  Google Patents

Different studies on local search have indicated that local searches have higher probability to convert into an action like purchase or availing services etc. So, when it comes to local search, one thing is clear; users are more serious and they need

Well, we’ve seen some major flux in Google SERP last week. Search marketers expected that it was a Google Penguin update as Google had declared earlier that Penguin update would come in first half of January. There was something big going on throughout

Durga Prasad Kundu

Google Redesigned Google+

Posted On: November 27th, 2015    By: Durga Prasad Kundu  To  Google

Four years ago, Google launched its ambitious social network site Google+ for the crazy supernerds to make their online life livelier than ever, where users can feel the same what they feel in real life. Many people assumed it as the Google’s version

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