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Local SEO Confusion on Business URL
Local SEO

Local SEO Confusion : What URL You Should add in GMB: Homepage or Location Page?

Local SEO is a challenging thing for many local marketers. Since last couple of years, Google has brought lots of changes in local SEO spaces but there are still some basic questions we face for which either there is no direct answer or too many cont
Google Webspam Fight 2018
Google, Google Update

How Google Fought Webspam In 2018

Google from its inception in 1998 has been trying to provide the best search results. Their continued effort in this direction has led them to get the lion share of search market of 92.47%. Some people try to game the search results. They may
Google Core Algorithm Update March 2019
Google Update

Google Core Algorithm Update March 2019: What Happened

Google has initiated a core algorithm update since 12th Mar. And as always with any core update, Google team has not disclosed anything about the changes yet. One thing is obvious; impact of the update is huge. Barry Schwartz covered the level of
Website Page Speed
Technical SEO

Top 6 Website Speed Test Tools to Boost Your Business

Everybody hates a site that take much time to load & so is Google & other search engines. Since last few years, mobile searches have been increased exponentially. The worst experience a user face while accessing web in mobile is the loading speed
Top 10 Google Ranking Factors
Google Ranking Factors

10 Trending Google Ranking Factors That Will Dominate In 2018 & Beyond

Google has more than 200 ranking factors. We keep seeing this statement in numerous blog posts, discussions, hangouts, conferences etc. We are all well accustomed to this notion for many years but the irony is, most of the factors are yet to be co
Impact of Negative SEO
Technical SEO

Negative SEO with Spam Backlinks & How to Fight Them

There was an interesting discussion & arguments going on in Twitter recently over the requirement of disavow tool in handling spam links attack as a part of negative SEO. We can divide the context of the discussion in three main parts Can Negat
Erroneous Knowledge Graph for Google CEO
Google Search Tips, Google SERP Changes

Erroneous Knowledge Graph For Google CEO Again

When it comes to bring in the best for users, undoubtedly Google comes to forefront with new features being added to its search results frequently. The last big leap was of course RankBrain wherein Google had introduced AI in its search algorithm.
Google Search Console New Features

What’s New in Google’s New Search Console?

Last year Google released a beta version of new search console to limited users. But Google has started rolling out the beta version of new search console to all users now. Now Google Search Console URL is shifting from https://www.google.com/webm
Spammy Structured Markup Google Penalty
Google Penalty

Spammy Structured Markup Google Penalty & Recovery Case Study

Since a couple of years, structured data markup has become the top priority for website owners. This is a perfect way to let the search engines know what exactly the meaning of the information you are placing in the markup. And they love to display t
Website Duration Performance Score
Google Patents

How Google May Rank Based On Website Duration Performance Score

It’s again Navneet Panda, the key person behind Google Panda Algorithm! Panda algorithm is completely related to on-site issues & most specifically quality of content. But this time, it is website duration performance based on category durations
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report