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Suvaance 10th Anniversary Celebration

Suvaance 10th Anniversary Celebration

On this 10th Anniversary of SUVAANCE, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all of our existing clients and also to those clients who once provided us the opportunity to serve them without whom we may not have been here in 2022. In my jour
Video Optimization For Google Search
Google Search Tips

Video Optimization For Google Search: Everything You Need To Know

People love to create videos to showcase their creativity instead of plain text and post it in their websites, hoping they have done their best. If you have a huge fan following (congratuations!!!), your readers will promote your videos. But what
Impact Of Reviews On Ranking
Local SEO

Impact of Reviews on Ranking & How to Deal with Negative Reviews?

Have you ever wondered how online reviews are shaping the growth of local businesses around the world? According to a study conducted by Brightlocal, “more than 90% of shoppers use the internet to find out local businesses.” And, alm
Google Mobile First Indexing Timeframe Extended
Google, SEO News

Google Extended Timeframe For Mobile First Indexing To March 2021

Google first introduced the concept of Mobile-First Indexing on November 04, 2016. Due to exponential growth in number of searches in mobile devices, Google had advised webmasters to focus more on their mobile version of their websites. Since then
Mozcon 2020

What We Learned At MOZCON 2020?

Difficult times offer unique opportunities. This statement became reality personally when I heard Moz was going to conduct Mozcon this year on a virtual platform. So, it offered a big chance for many marketers like me who never got a chance to attend
Local SEO Confusion on Business URL
Local SEO

Local SEO Confusion : What URL You Should add in GMB: Homepage or Location Page?

Local SEO is a challenging thing for many local marketers. Since last couple of years, Google has brought lots of changes in local SEO spaces but there are still some basic questions we face for which either there is no direct answer or too many cont
Google Webspam Fight 2018
Google, Google Update

How Google Fought Webspam In 2018

Google from its inception in 1998 has been trying to provide the best search results. Their continued effort in this direction has led them to get the lion share of search market of 92.47%. Some people try to game the search results. They may
Google Core Algorithm Update March 2019
Google Update

Google Core Algorithm Update March 2019: What Happened

Google has initiated a core algorithm update since 12th Mar. And as always with any core update, Google team has not disclosed anything about the changes yet. One thing is obvious; impact of the update is huge. Barry Schwartz covered the level of
Website Page Speed
Technical SEO

Top 6 Website Speed Test Tools to Boost Your Business

Everybody hates a site that take much time to load & so is Google & other search engines. Since last few years, mobile searches have been increased exponentially. The worst experience a user face while accessing web in mobile is the loading speed
Top 10 Google Ranking Factors
Google Ranking Factors

10 Trending Google Ranking Factors That Will Dominate In 2018 & Beyond

Google has more than 200 ranking factors. We keep seeing this statement in numerous blog posts, discussions, hangouts, conferences etc. We are all well accustomed to this notion for many years but the irony is, most of the factors are yet to be co
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report