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Google Patent Search Extension

Google’s Patents Search Chrome Extension

Today we are happy to announce the release of our first Google Chrome Extension “Google’s Patents Search”. The intent behind this chrome extension is to help SEO Professionals and Digital Marketing Experts to search Google’s patents for th
Google Link Text Suggestion

What Google Suggests About Link Text

Is the word “Link Text” new for you? Have you ever heard about it? This is a new term coined by Google recently. What we call “Anchor Text”, Google calls it “Link Text”. So it’s the same clickable word or phrase with a hyperlink in a do
Google Mobile First Indexing Timeframe Extended

Google Extended Timeframe For Mobile First Indexing To March 2021

Google first introduced the concept of Mobile-First Indexing on November 04, 2016. Due to exponential growth in number of searches in mobile devices, Google had advised webmasters to focus more on their mobile version of their websites. Since then
Google Is Fixing Its Own Outbound Links

Google Is Fixing Its Own Outbound Links

Google has been suggesting a lot regarding links in its link scheme page or through Twitter or other resources. Interestingly, Google has started fixing its own outbound links now. We have seen that Wikipedia has got lots of links from various Goo
Google Author Rank

Author Rank in Google & Its Impact on E-A-T Evaluation

Google announced Authorship markup in Jun 2011 and almost after 3 years, it dropped it from SERP. Now why I’m discussing those old buried thing again? Well, after that incidence, many SEOs opined that authorship might not be an important factor
Google Webspam Fight 2018

How Google Fought Webspam In 2018

Google from its inception in 1998 has been trying to provide the best search results. Their continued effort in this direction has led them to get the lion share of search market of 92.47%. Some people try to game the search results. They may
Google Search Console New Features

What’s New in Google’s New Search Console?

Last year Google released a beta version of new search console to limited users. But Google has started rolling out the beta version of new search console to all users now. Now Google Search Console URL is shifting from
Redesigned Google+

Google Redesigned Google+

Four years ago, Google launched its ambitious social network site Google+ for the crazy supernerds to make their online life livelier than ever, where users can feel the same what they feel in real life. Many people assumed it as the Google’s versi

How to Track or Monitor Google Algorithm Updates

Google in recent years is updating its search algorithm more than 1000 times per year but most of the time prefers to be silent on the changes. As a marketing professional or agency or business house, you know how important these updates are for

SEO Competitor Analysis: Getting Help From Your competitors’ Data

Searching For Unexpected SEO Opportunities Competitor analysis gives you an added advantage in preparing an efficient & effective SEO strategy for your online marketing. When you want to gear up your online promotion to rank higher in SERP there
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report