Google Spam Detection Algorithm Improvement

Google Uses Spam Reports To Improve Its Spam Detection Algorithm

Posted On : July 3rd, 2020   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google Algorithm

Today at Google Webmaster blog, Gary Illyes wrote an article on “How spam reports are used at Google.

Where he clearly mentioned that Google is using spam reports to improve its spam detection algorithm.

How Spam Reports Are Used

He also told that they had updated their quality guidelines page today.

Google Quality Guidelines

So, from now on, Google won’t take any manual action based on spam reports received from users. They will only use these reports to update their spam detection algorithm.

Google on Spam Detection

Another thing that is worth noting is again Google has reminded all for high quality content. If anyone wants guidance, one can check their resources like How Search Works, that they have recently updated and Google Webmasters Resources.

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