Find Your Web Story In Google Search

How To Find Your Web Story In Google Search

Posted On : July 30th, 2020   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Web Story

Recently we have found many articles coming on web stories as Google has started giving importance to web stories. The popularity of web story has increased exponentially among webmasters, business owners as well as marketers after it launched a tool last week to test & validate web stories as well as it has created one WordPress plug-in for webmasters to create web stories directly from their WordPress account.

Are You Finding Your Web Story On Google Search?

Google in its support for web story says that Web Stories will be available in Google search results in addition to image search, Google Discover and Google app, but,

“Are you getting any web story on google search results?”

I digged but couldn’t find any help. You can only search but you won’t decide whether web stories will appear in search results, even if web stories are present for those searches.

My interest was to find a way to extract web stories for a search.

Recently I found that web stories can be viewed in Google search results with a simple URL extension /static/gs .

For example, web story for Larry Page is available at

So you can get all web stories indexed by Google yet through a simple search using Google “site:” operator

And if you want to search for the web story of a specific entity ( for ex- Sundar Pichai), you can search like sundar pichai

Interestingly, we could not find any person’s web story from our SEO industry, neither Googlers like John Muller or Gary Illyes or Danny Sullivan. Even we couldn’t find web stories of any brands.

Watch Web Stories Of Top Personality As Found In Google Search

Larry Page Web Story

Sushant Singh Rajput Web Story

It’s surprising that we couldn’t find any web story of popular figures like Donald Trump, Narendra Modi and Amitabh Bachhan, Whereas multiple web stories of individuals like Aishwary Rai

At the end of any web story, you can find section like “people also view” or “Featured Stories”.

People Also View

Featured Stories

For these web stories, Google is drawing images mainly from getty images and text resources from top authority sites like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Youtube, Biography, Britannica etc and also from news sites.

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  1. Hello, Diptimayee!

    I read your article on ‘how to search for web story in Google search’. I found it really informative and helpful.

    Would you like to explore a no-code tool/platform that lets you create Web Stories on your website/domain? Please let me know if you want more details. Thanks!

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