Local SEO Services: A Must For Local Business

What Is Local SEO

  • Local SEO is a completely different SEO strategy followed to optimize a local site and to promote it in unique ways to boost its rank for local queries relevant to its location.
  • Local SEO is completely unique and has its own methods and process unlike the main stream SEO.

What type of business needs Local SEO

  • Any business, small or medium, confined to a particular location or having business in multiple locations needs local SEO.
  • Or, if you’ve store or shop in one or more locations where people can come and avail your service or products, then you need local SEO.

Why Local SMBs Need Local SEO

  • Major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing have special search algorithm for local queries that means they have distinct ranking signals and factors to assign ranking to local sites.
  • If you are in top 10, customers tend to take you in good faith.
  • Most of local purchases or sales are done online.
  • Before a real purchase, people are searching your business online, reading reviews about you and if you happen to be in right place, they will go for you.
  • Local SEO is the only way to achieve the above goals.
Local SMBs Needs



With more than two years of experience in working with hundreds of local SMBs all over the world, we assure you guaranteed success by boosting your visibility in search engines. Whatever business you’ve, wherever it is, we’ve the strategy; we’ve the proven methods for local SEO success.

What We Can do For You

  • Local specific On-site Optimization
  • Content optimization for local customers
  • Local listings in online listing places
  • Google My Business account set up
  • Local promotion for good reviews
  • Handle negative review issue
  • High quality citation
  • Branding in local community & Social promotion

And moreover, we’re well updated about Google’s local search algorithm guidelines and any changes made to it like Pigeon update in July, 2014 that shown the integration of more web based signals in the local algorithm.

We Are always At The Edge To Give You The Best!
Local SEO With Suvaance

We Follow Google Guidelines

  • Google friendly website design.
  • Responsive web design for better user experience(UX).
  • High quality unique contents to protect against GooglE Panda algorithm.
  • High quality relevant links from authority sites which would be Google Penguin algorithm friendly.
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