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Key Takeaways From SEMrush Conference on YouTube SEO

Posted On : December 18th, 2019   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : YouTube SEO

SEMRUSH MARKETING SHOW was held in Bengaluru, India On 05th December 2019.

I hope it was the first ever conference organized Aleyda With Durga by SEMrush team in India. So, thank you SEMrush, you are awesome. And of course. It was my first time I attended a marketing conference.:)

I went there with our Suvaance Team & came back with a superb learning experience.

It seems they had optimized the whole conference for a perfect UX 🙂

Aleyda Solis from Orainti conducted a session on YouTube SEO, “YouTube SEO: Top Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Videos”. As always, she was simply superb in her presentation and delivered actionable insights with us.

Here are the key takeaways from Aleyda’s presentation:

YouTube SEO: Top Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Videos – By Aleyda Solis

  • Do proper research before making a video.
  • Aleyda on Video Research

  • Identify top ranked videos keywords used in tags as well as the most popular related terms.
  • Use tools like VidIQ to track your evolutions vs. competitors channels.
  • Properly optimize your YouTube Channel description and keywords.
  • Add relevant hashtags in descriptions and titles.
  • Upload your own “higher quality” closed captions to videos.
  • Enable Timestamps in your videos by adding labels and timestamps in your YouTube’s video description.
  • Video Timestamps

  • A video thumbnail can make your video stand out from others and improve your CTR.
    • So, you should design your thumbnails in such a way that they are unique, attractive with a representative image including a catchy title.
  • Use tools like Tubebuddy to run A/B tests of video thumbnail and metadata. This will help to identify your audience preferences and optimize them accordingly.
  • In your channel, create playlists of particular topics.
  • Try to add info cards in your videos to link to other relevant ones or create a poll to engage users.
  • Video Info Cards & Poll

  • Don’t be shy and to enhance user engagement, ask them to;
    • Keep watching to get answers.
    • Leave comments with questions.
    • Like the video.
    • Subscribe to my channel
  • Promote your videos and incentivize subscriptions outside YouTube too.
  • Do give-aways to encourage subscriptions.
  • YouTube gives a Freshness Boost so, try to promote the video when it’s new.
  • YouTube Freshness Boost

  • Repurpose your YouTube videos to generate blog posts. It will help to maximize your Google video search results. You can do this by
    • Creating a post within your Blog for each of your video.
    • Then embed the video at the top of your post, add a transcription of it with added information and resources.
    • Add a “rel=0” parameter to show related videos to your visitors only from your channel.
    • Link to your channel with a “?sub_confirmation” parameter to show your visitors subscription option.
    • While posting your Video on YouTube, add a branding watermark to your video inside YouTube. It allow users to subscribe when they hover over the watermark.
    • Doing all these things will help you to rank in Google search for your YouTube video and embedded video in blog post too.
  • YouTube & Blog Both Rank in Google

  • Always keep in mind to maximize the “RER” – Relevance, Engagement and Retention.

Marketing & promoting a video is as much important as creating it. There is a certain purpose when you create it and it won’t be achieved if it can’t be reached to viewers.

And Aleyda has superbly provided great insights on how to achieve that. So, Aleyda, thanks a lot for that!!!

You can download Aleyda’s presentation from here.

Durga Prasad Kundu

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