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Google Spam Detection Algorithm Improvement

Google Uses Spam Reports To Improve Its Spam Detection Algorithm

Today at Google Webmaster blog, Gary Illyes wrote an article on “How spam reports are used at Google”. Where he clearly mentioned that Google is using spam reports to improve its spam detection algorithm. He also told that they had upda
Gary at PubCon Austin

Google’s Immediate & Future Updates Revealed By Gary at PubCon Austin 2018

Google keeps doing experiments & brings about 1000 or more updates in its search algorithm to provide better results to users. Though every SEO & webmaster would love to know what these updates are, but Google never reveals these things. But in so
Pharma Hack Spam

Is Google Strong Enough To Fight Pharma Hack Spam Yet?

My answer? A Big NO! A lot of discussion is going on about artificial intelligence controlled search algorithm to produce better & spam free results. No doubt, anomaly exists in any system so is in search results and there are ample examples criti

Panda 4.2 Released: History, FAQs & Thoughts

Barry Schwartz has confirmed that Panda 4.2 started rolling out since last weekend (july 18th, 2015) in his post after almost 10 months of wait. Information about Panda 4.2 so far: Confirmed by Google Started last weekend Rolling out sl

Lets Search Google Algorithm

I GOT THE GOOGLE ALGORITHM….. Really…. Oh.. that is my dream! In fact, this is the dream of every SEO companies all over the world. It is like the holy grail of SEO industry. But the truth is; even we are not close enough to pin out th
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report