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Google Link Text Suggestion

What Google Suggests About Link Text

Is the word “Link Text” new for you? Have you ever heard about it? This is a new term coined by Google recently. What we call “Anchor Text”, Google calls it “Link Text”. So it’s the same clickable word or phrase with a hyperlink in a do
Find Your Web Story In Google Search
Web Story

How To Find Your Web Story In Google Search

Recently we have found many articles coming on web stories as Google has started giving importance to web stories. The popularity of web story has increased exponentially among webmasters, business owners as well as marketers after it launched a tool
Google Is Fixing Its Own Outbound Links

Google Is Fixing Its Own Outbound Links

Google has been suggesting a lot regarding links in its link scheme page or through Twitter or other resources. Interestingly, Google has started fixing its own outbound links now. We have seen that Wikipedia has got lots of links from various Goo
Google Spam Detection Algorithm Improvement
Google Algorithm

Google Uses Spam Reports To Improve Its Spam Detection Algorithm

Today at Google Webmaster blog, Gary Illyes wrote an article on “How spam reports are used at Google”. Where he clearly mentioned that Google is using spam reports to improve its spam detection algorithm. He also told that they had upda
Google Updated Its How Google Search Works Page
Google Search Tips

Google Updated Its How Google Search Works Page in June 2020

Google has updated its “How Google Search Works” page this week with new content in both short version as well as in long version. “How Google Search Works” page has mainly three sections- crawling, indexing & serving (ranking). But ma
New Local Search Result Checker Tool
SEO Tool

New Local Search Results Checker Tool

Today we are happy to announce our new tool “Local Search Results Checker”. Check The Tool With this tool, you can check Google results from any locations. We believe it will help local businesses & SEOs to check their ranking in Goo
Google Author Rank
Google, Google Ranking Factors

Author Rank in Google & Its Impact on E-A-T Evaluation

Google announced Authorship markup in Jun 2011 and almost after 3 years, it dropped it from SERP. Now why I’m discussing those old buried thing again? Well, after that incidence, many SEOs opined that authorship might not be an important factor
Web Page Published Date in Google Search
Google Update

Web Page Published Date in Search: Google Guidelines & Best Practices

Publishers want Google to show the date &/or time when their page was published or updated in search results. Even they use structured data. But many times, Google doesn’t show the date or shows wrong date in search results. Most of the times, i
Local SEO Strategy
Local SEO

Local SEO Strategy to Get Local Pack Ranking for Nearby Areas

Recent changes in Google local algo has made it more important for local businesses to get a place within local pack. In 2015, Google had cut local pack from 7 pack to 3 pack results. Sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor are more prominent in top 10 fo
Gary at PubCon Austin
Google Algorithm, Google Update

Google’s Immediate & Future Updates Revealed By Gary at PubCon Austin 2018

Google keeps doing experiments & brings about 1000 or more updates in its search algorithm to provide better results to users. Though every SEO & webmaster would love to know what these updates are, but Google never reveals these things. But in so
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report