We use language tags, hreflang and xml:lang to inform search engines about our content language present in HTML and XML respectively. But, does the question “Can we use these two language tags differently?“ ever strike in your mind? If yes, then you

Durga Prasad Kundu

Google No More Supports Meta News Keywords Tag

Posted On: February 21st, 2018    By: Durga Prasad Kundu  To  Technical SEO

In September 2012, Google introduced the meta keywords tag “meta news_keywords” for better understanding of the news content by its search engine. After that, it was the responsibility of the news publishers to mention the relevant as well as important

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act aka DMCA is there to protect the rights of the online content owned by its owner or the copyright holder. So, when the owner or copyright holder of the content finds unofficial copies of their content on other websites,

Hello Webmasters! It seems like you have to work hard prior to July. Yes, you heard that right. You must have heard about “Google Speed Update” which is coming from July 2018. Along with this, Google is also going to take one major step towards HTTP

In October 2012, Google launched disavow links tool to allow webmasters to upload a file containing low quality or spammy backlinks to their sites that they wanted Google to not consider while counting links to rank websites. And this initiative by Google

We all have come across the term “AMP” which helps to create mobile optimized content to provide a fast user experience. But, do you know when a new AMP link clicked, from where data is loaded? During a recent discussion on Twitter, John Mueller said,

Yesterday Google announced that it is going to use page speed as a ranking signal in mobile search from July 2018. Google has named the upcoming algorithm update as the “speed update”. Google has already been using the page speed signal as ranking

Durga Prasad Kundu

Google’s Call on Hoster Problems

Posted On: January 13th, 2018    By: Durga Prasad Kundu  To  SEO News

Are your webpages marred for days because of long term hoster problems? Such issues shouldn’t be taken lightly & it is important to know how Google will respond to such problems? According to John Muller, for such problems it is recommended

Dillip K Mohanty

Google Released The Latest Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Posted On: November 21st, 2015    By: Dillip K Mohanty  To  Google

On 19th November 2015, Google finally released a full 160 page PDF file of search rating guidelines which is extensively used by the search quality evaluators to rate Google search results they are experimenting. The ratings or feedbacks provided by evaluators

Diptimayee Mohanty

Google Maps Offline Navigation Launched In India

Posted On: November 20th, 2015    By: Diptimayee Mohanty  To  Google

Remember the day you felt worried when you were going to an unknown place for something urgent and have kept smartphone handy to know the route but found difficulty while accessing the internet due to spotty internet connection or full null connection.

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