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Google Acknowledged The Performance Improvements For Mobile Search

Posted On : April 5th, 2019   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google

On July 2018, Google started rolling out its speed update and integrated Page Speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches. The intention was to provide faster results to users for their searches. Webmasters took this speed update seriously and put more effort to provide users better user experience from mobile search point of view, which is really great.

Yesterday, Google acknowledged the performance improvements done by webmasters in 2018 and encouraged to optimize their websites’ user experience.

Few highlights of performance improvements are:

  • In 2017, for user centric performance metrics no improvement was seen. But in 2018, it was improved by 15 – 20%.
  • More than 95% of countries had improved their website speed overall.
  • Searchers simply come back to the search result page after clicking on a result if that result page is loading slowly. But, because of the website speed improvements, Google has observed a 20% reduction in abandonment rate for navigations initiated from Search.
  • Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool was run over billion URLs by developers to get feedbacks on performance optimization opportunities for over 200 million unique URLs.
Diptimayee Mohanty

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