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Google’s Search Console In Search Results Feature Also Support Domain Properties

Posted On : February 4th, 2022   By : Dillip K Mohanty   To : Google

Today Google shared that its Search Console in Search results feature is also going to support domain properties.

So, if you are an owner or full user of a site in Google search console and you are signed in with that account while searching then you might see a site performance card showing the summary of your site’s performance on Google search.

Have a look of this feature in the tweet below.

Google has also provided control to webmasters with which they can control whether the site performance card shows the data for any or all of your sites.

How to show or hide the summary card for an individual property?

  1. Open the settings page.
  2. Check whether “Enable this feature” is checked or not. If unchecked then check it.
  3. Now to control the appearance of a card for a specific property, select Show and Don’t show Status present next to your desired property.

How to hide the summary card for all your properties?

  1. Open the settings page.
  2. Uncheck the “Enable this feature” to disable the summary card for all the sites listed in the table.

So, if you again check the “Enable this feature” after unchecking it, then the last status set for each property or site will be restored in the table.


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