Google Crawl Rate After Missing Sitemap

Google Won’t Change Crawl Rate If Your Sitemap Goes Missing

Posted On : March 26th, 2019   By : Dillip K Mohanty   To : Technical SEO

A few days back Martin MacDonald asked a question to Google’s John Mueller on Twitter regarding a hypothetical scenario where a popular site having a sitemap with thousands of new pages that is visited by Google every day & suppose the sitemap stops working.

He enquired whether the Google Bot would increase its crawling to find new content under those circumstances or whether these systems are completely separate.

Regarding this, John Mueller replied, “No, the total crawl wouldn’t change”. So, it seems we again think about crawl budget. Though Google doesn’t have any specific definition of crawl budget, they use crawl rate & crawl limit, two terms while crawling a site.

As crawl limit, though varies a little every day, but it is almost stable over a period of days. Here, in this case, even if the sitemap is missing, Google won’t put extra effort to find new pages.

Dillip Kumar Mohanty

He is the co-founder & director of SUVAANCE Internet Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. He is passionate about search marketing & Google algorithm and is actively writing on these here.

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