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Google on JS Charts
Technical SEO

Can Google Crawl & Understand JS Charts?

It’s a great way to represent data in a webpage in chart format because, charts provide better user experience. And, now-a-days, it’s being a trend to add charts in webpages as it makes the webpage interactive. So, as charts contain data, it wil
Moving to Https Benefits
Technical SEO

Does Moving to HTTPS Provide Industry Specific Benefits?

Moving a website to https has some major benefits and Google in August 2014 also declared that it is considering Https as a ranking signal. But recently, Google’s John Mueller was asked an interesting question, whether moving to https is a flat ra
NoIndex or Canonical for Duplicate Pages
Technical SEO

Duplicate Pages? Better Use rel Canonical over Noindex

To avoid duplicate content issue & low quality pages from indexing, webmasters generally prefer to set noindex, nofollow tag without considering its impact on overall site quality. In a recent Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout, John
Sitemaps for More Than 50,000 URLs
Technical SEO

Tips to Add Sitemaps for More Than 50,000 URLs

Maintaining a website having thousands of URL is itself a headache. A simple error in architecture may hide the new & important URLs from search engine bots. No crawling means no place in SERP and your users can find these pages for whom you actu
Google Testing Offer
SEO News

Google Is Testing Offer in Google Post

Around a year ago, Google released a new feature “Google Posts” and now it seems like Google is trying to add “Offer” to it. The recent tweet of Colan Nieslen shows the new design of Google Posts. This new design includes “Offer” in it.
Air Quality Data in Search Results

Air Quality Data Now Available in Google Search Results

Once again Google has added another new feature in its search results for its users. Now users can get an area’s air quality and pollution data from Google. Yes, you heard that right. You can test this feature of Google by searching “Air Quality
Google Map
SEO News

39 New Languages Added to Google Maps

After the introduction of Plus Codes and Smart Address Search on 13th Mar, Google has announced another big news for Map users. Google has announced that its Google Maps software now supports 39 new languages. As per Google’s estimation, around 1.
Mobile First Indexing
Google Algorithm Update, SEO News

Google Started Rolling Out Mobile-First Indexing

Finally, Google has made an official announcement that they have started rolling out mobile-first indexing. Yes! After a year and half of experimentation and testing, they have started migrating websites that follow the best practices for mobile-firs
Duplicate Titles & Meta Descs for Paginated URLs
Technical SEO

Should You Ignore Duplicate Titles & Meta Descriptions Warning in Google Search console for Paginated URLs

Title and Meta Description carry much significance as in search results, these help users to decide whether they should visit the page or not. So, Google takes more care to check how a site is maintaining these tags in compared to others and specifi
Google Mobile Speed Scorecard & Impact Calculator
Mobile SEO

Mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator Introduced by Google

On Feb 26th at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google introduced two new tools for webmasters and those are Mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator These tools are intended to help webmasters to check & compare their websites’ mo
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report