Sitemaps for More Than 50,000 URLs

Tips to Add Sitemaps for More Than 50,000 URLs

Posted On : April 6th, 2018   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Technical SEO

Maintaining a website having thousands of URL is itself a headache. A simple error in architecture may hide the new & important URLs from search engine bots. No crawling means no place in SERP and your users can find these pages for whom you actually created the pages.

Sitemap files of a website are great way to make the content known to search engines like Google. It acts as a guide to educate the bots how effectively they will crawl all the important URLs.

But, what a webmaster should do when his site URLs exceed the number 50,000 because that is the max number of URLs you can insert in a sitemap file?

Google’s John Mueller has covered that subject in a recent episode of SEO Snippets while answering this question.

John Said, if your website has more than 50,000 URLs then you can simply create multiple sitemap files and submit them individually.

Here are some other suggestions from John on this.

  • When you have multiple sitemap files for your website, it’s better to have one sitemap index file where you can list all your sitemap files. This sitemap index file is a sitemap file for sitemaps.
  • Also, it’s not mandatory to have more than 50,000 URLs for creating multiple sitemap files. You can create multiple sitemap files even with fewer than 50,000 URLs. This will help to keep track of different sections of your website or to make the maintenance of your sitemap files a little bit easier.
  • When it comes to creating sitemap files, it’s better to have it generated automatically through server. By doing this, a website’s new and updated content is highlighted to search engines as fast as possible.

Here you can watch the full video of John Mueller on “Adding sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs”.

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