Google Testing Offer

Google Is Testing Offer in Google Post

Posted On : March 29th, 2018   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : SEO News

Around a year ago, Google released a new feature “Google Posts” and now it seems like Google is trying to add “Offer” to it.

The recent tweet of Colan Nieslen shows the new design of Google Posts. This new design includes “Offer” in it.

Offer in Google Post

As many of us can’t see this feature inside our Google My Business profiles, it seems like this feature is either in testing phase or not rolled out completely.

This feature brings great possibilities for business owners to enhance their sales. This feature is completely free and posted offers will be visible in search results.

To post an offer, you need to provide data like

  • A photo
  • A Short Description
  • Offer Title
  • Start Date, Start Time & End Date, End Time
  • Coupon Code (Optional) And
  • A link to your offer page

Have a look at the Offer Post preview below

Offer Post Preview

At the end, a big thanks to Colan Nieslen for sharing this info with all of us.

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