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Can Google Crawl & Understand JS Charts?

Posted On : May 2nd, 2018   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Technical SEO

It’s a great way to represent data in a webpage in chart format because, charts provide better user experience. And, now-a-days, it’s being a trend to add charts in webpages as it makes the webpage interactive.

So, as charts contain data, it will be better if this data can be considered for ranking.

But, is it possible? Can Google crawl and understand these charts?

Yes, it’s an interesting question and John Mueller of Google was recently asked about it.

In its reply, John tweeted, “We treat them mostly like images, we don’t read / interpret the content.”.

So, for now Google is not crawling or understanding these JavaScript charts. As Google is not interpreting the content presented inside such charts, that content won’t give you any additional ranking benefits.

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