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No More 100 Results Per Page in Google SERP

Posted On : May 22nd, 2018   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Google

Hello Webmasters! This morning, I saw a painful change in Google SERP.

Today, randomly I searched for a query in Google and when I went to its “Search Settings” to get 100 results per page, I saw, there is no Results per page slider to slide between 10-100 results.

No 100 Results in Google SERP

First I thought whether my location has something to do with it, so, I tried with VPN from different locations but got the same result. Then, I even tried to sign in to my Google account and searched, still no luck.

After that, I just added “&num=100” in the search URL and got 100 results per page.

I’m not yet sure about what’s going on. It may be a bug or any update.

So readers, please share what you are getting in Google SERP.

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