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Multiple H1 Tags in A Page
Technical SEO

How Google Considers Multiple H1 Tags in One Page

It is a common myth that H1 plays a very important role in SEO. Many webmasters & SEOs put a lot of effort to perfectly optimize the H1 tag to get better ranking for the keywords. And there is also a common misconception that with multiple H1 ta
Google's Take on Different XML Lang & Href Lang
Technical SEO

What Google Does When xml:lang Differs from Hreflang

We use language tags, hreflang and xml:lang to inform search engines about our content language present in HTML and XML respectively. But, does the question “Can we use these two language tags differently?“ ever strike in your mind? If yes, then
Google Not Supporting Meta News Keywords Tag
Technical SEO

Google No More Supports Meta News Keywords Tag

In September 2012, Google introduced the meta keywords tag “meta news_keywords” for better understanding of the news content by its search engine. After that, it was the responsibility of the news publishers to mention the relevant as well as imp
Page Removed Upon DMCA Request
Google Penalty

This Is What Happens to Ranking When a Page Is Removed Upon DMCA Request

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act aka DMCA is there to protect the rights of the online content owned by its owner or the copyright holder. So, when the owner or copyright holder of the content finds unofficial copies of their content on other web
Not Secure Alert by Google
SEO News, Technical SEO

Not Secure Alert in Google Chrome from Coming July

Hello Webmasters! It seems like you have to work hard prior to July. Yes, you heard that right. You must have heard about “Google Speed Update” which is coming from July 2018. Along with this, Google is also going to take one major step towards H
Disavow List Full
Technical SEO

This Is What You Should Do When Your Disavow List Is Full

In October 2012, Google launched disavow links tool to allow webmasters to upload a file containing low quality or spammy backlinks to their sites that they wanted Google to not consider while counting links to rank websites. And this initiative by G
Google AMP Data Load

From Where Data Is Loaded when a New AMP Link Is Clicked?

We all have come across the term “AMP” which helps to create mobile optimized content to provide a fast user experience. But, do you know when a new AMP link clicked, from where data is loaded? During a recent discussion on Twitter, John Mueller
Hoster Problem
SEO News

Google’s Call on Hoster Problems

Are your webpages marred for days because of long term hoster problems? Such issues shouldn't be taken lightly & it is important to know how Google will respond to such problems? According to John Muller, for such problems it is recommended for
Google, SEO News

Google’s About Me Tool: Take Control Of Your Personal Information Shown By Google’s Services

If you are so much addicted to the Google services such as Gmail, Google drive, Google+, YouTube, Google maps, Google Hangouts and so on, then you must have deposited ample amount of your personal data to Google. So you might feel unsecured if someo
Bing Mobile Friendly Test
SEO News

Mobile Friendly Test Tool From Bing

A good news for the webmasters from Bing; it has announced the launch of “mobile friendliness test tool” on 12th November 2015. After striving hard for approx. a year, Bing finally has come up with its own such tool. Though Webmasters were able
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report