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Does Good Distribution Of DF & NF Links Keep You Away From Google Link Penalty?

Posted On : August 8th, 2020   By : Dillip K Mohanty   To : Google Penalty

If your website has unnatural, irrelevant, spammy or low quality links, then you are on the verge of receiving Google Link Penalty. Webmasters must have some idea on such penalties. But, have you ever thought about the distribution of Do Follow and No Follow links in your website?

If you are using tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush or any other, then you must have come across or you can check this distribution feature.


  1. Does this distribution of Do Follow and No Follow links in your site matter for Google?
  2. Do you have to maintain a good distribution of DF & NF links?

On Twitter, a twitterati recently asked Google’s John Mueller that, is it ideally recommended to have a good distribution between the follow and the no follow links as this helps us to ensure that we do not get hit by any Google penalty related to links and you can check the distribution in tools like ahrefs and semrush?

To clarify this, John Said, that’s not true.

Well, that is natural as recently they declared that link was not the single most important factor.

Google algorithm is highly intelligent, complex and is getting smarter day by day. Google knows how to differentiate good & bad links. So, webmasters should focus on following the best practices without manipulating anything.

Dillip Kumar Mohanty

He is the co-founder & director of SUVAANCE Internet Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. He is passionate about search marketing & Google algorithm and is actively writing on these here.

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