Google Image Sitemaps Page Updated

Google Updated Its Image Sitemaps Page For Webmasters

Posted On : July 25th, 2020   By : Dillip K Mohanty   To : Technical SEO

Google recently updated its image sitemaps page for webmasters. There is a little change in it, but an important one. You can see both the old new & new content in the below image.

Image Sitemap Page Content Comparison

Google has suggested webmasters to add image metadata like contact information & licensing information etc. to the sitemap which will show to users in its image search results.

Take a look on how Google shows image metadata in its image search results on mobile devices. Check Google support page for image rights metadata. It’s also important that removing image metadata is helpful in reducing the size of the image file which can load the page faster.

Image Metadata In Google Image Search Results

So, the question is whether you should remove the meta data or not? Now, Google recommends adding critical metadata to be safe from legal point of view. But if it is okay, you can remove it altogether to make your page faster.

After all, from next March, Google is going for mobile-first indexing for the whole web, and you know, how important is page load speed here.

You can find the old contents of the image sitemap page here.

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