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Penguin Update, SEO Analysis

Reddit Losing Search Visibility in Google – Affected by Penguin 3.0 or Pirate 2.0

Reddit is considered to be one of the most popular social sharing sites; countless users are active on daily basis and hence a hot target by both business sector & marketing agencies specially SEOs. But the surprise news is that its search visibi
Google Update, Local SEO

Where Google Algorithm Is Heading In Local Search

So you all must be agree with me! Lots of ups and downs you might have seen for your sites or for your clients' sites recently in Google local search results. According to Search Engine Land, Google has made a big change in its local search algorithm
Google Update

YMYL: Your Money Your Life

YMYL, a new term SEO industry heard last week. Google has included YMYL option in its latest “Search Quality Ratings Guidelines” for the search quality raters who are considered to be the task force behind Google’s results quality checking team
Google, Google Update

Page Layout: The New Update in Google Algorithm

Google’s latest algorithmic changes about the layout of a webpage are highly welcome by all categories of users. In this updates Google has mentioned that web sites having too much ads above the fold will be punished by reducing their ranking in SE
Google, Social Media

Google Update: Search Plus Your World

It has always been amazing to watch Google experimenting with the Web with its innovative and unimaginable ways that are not only new to Google itself but have the capability to change the online marketing process or opening new avenues in search met
Google, Search Engines, Social Media

Google And Facebook VS India : Democracy Killing Democracy

The continual development of argument and disagreement between sites like Google and Facebook and Indian government due to posting of objectionable materials in their sites has generated as much interest regarding the future course of action by both


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