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Web Page Published Date in Google Search
Google Update

Web Page Published Date in Search: Google Guidelines & Best Practices

Publishers want Google to show the date &/or time when their page was published or updated in search results. Even they use structured data. But many times, Google doesn’t show the date or shows wrong date in search results. Most of the times, i
Local SEO Strategy
Local SEO

Local SEO Strategy to Get Local Pack Ranking for Nearby Areas

Recent changes in Google local algo has made it more important for local businesses to get a place within local pack. In 2015, Google had cut local pack from 7 pack to 3 pack results. Sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor are more prominent in top 10 fo
Gary at PubCon Austin
Google Algorithm, Google Update

Google’s Immediate & Future Updates Revealed By Gary at PubCon Austin 2018

Google keeps doing experiments & brings about 1000 or more updates in its search algorithm to provide better results to users. Though every SEO & webmaster would love to know what these updates are, but Google never reveals these things. But in so
Google Rank Consideration from Data Usage
Google Patents

How Google May Rank Pages Based On Data Usage To Load Pages

On 09th April 2010, Google has added site speed as ranking a signal in its search algorithm. For better user experience, Google has added this signal in its search algorithm. And in 04th February 2014, Google was granted a patent “Using resource lo
Pharma Hack Spam
Google Algorithm

Is Google Strong Enough To Fight Pharma Hack Spam Yet?

My answer? A Big NO! A lot of discussion is going on about artificial intelligence controlled search algorithm to produce better & spam free results. No doubt, anomaly exists in any system so is in search results and there are ample examples criti
Google Update

Google’s Recent Core Algorithm Update: Search Intention & Relevancy

Well, we’ve seen some major flux in Google SERP last week. Search marketers expected that it was a Google Penguin update as Google had declared earlier that Penguin update would come in first half of January. There was something
Social Media

Twitter Polls: A Safe Way To Know Other’s Opinion In 24 Hrs

Ever wanted of voting personally or wanted to know the opinion from thousands of people to your confusing statement that is roaming around your mind for last 10 days even on some trivial issues? If it is yes, then your wait is over now. The most
Google SERP Changes

Google-Twitter Deal: A Boon Or Bane For Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms and there is huge potential for businesses to grow their popularity & brand in Twitter. This popularity of Twitter has resulted in a new deal between Google and Twitter in which Twitter allowe
Google Update

Google Search Console Comment Spam Page Updated

Google renamed its service of webmaster tools to search console on 20th May 2015. And after that Google has made many changes in Search Console Help Center which are unnoticed by the search industry. Recently I found that it has updated the page
Google Update, Mobilegeddon

Google lost 56% Mobile Search Visibility: Mobilegeddon Update Suspected!

Panda 4.2 update has been in news since last week. But again this time, it’s suspected that Google has muddled the water by quietly rolling out its Mobilegeddon update last week along with the Panda update. As we remember, Mobilegeddon was r
Google Local Search Results Checker
Google Volatility Report