Google Extending Knowledge Graph Features To Individual Search Results

Posted On : May 18th, 2015   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google SERP Changes

We know that wizards at Google love to do a lot of test on its SERP page for better UX. Today I found some interesting features while searching for information. It seems that they are extending some knowledge graph features to search results directly. But wait, these new features are meant for authority sites & you can get this in their US version ( only, not for other countries & languages.

Google SERP With Knowledge Graph

Users can click on that section to get more information about the domain/company in the SERP page for the query. They can get information like category or types of business, a little details of the company & the source of the details.

Google SERP With Knowledge Graph Category

While searching for Google, I saw results like the image below where it’s linking to Google+ page from the logo image, category of company, some information regarding the company which is linking to its Wikipedia page (resource link) and founded & award information of the company.

Google SERP With Knowledge Graph Google

While doing the same for Wikipedia, it’s interesting to find that the owned by section is linking to Google search result page for “Wikimedia Foundation” query.

Google SERP With Knowledge Graph Wikipedia

We know that these features are only available in knowledge graph section. But now these are being added to individual results. I think in this way Google is trying to infuse features of multiple knowledge graphs in one page for multiple results.

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