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Erroneous Knowledge Graph for Google CEO

Erroneous Knowledge Graph For Google CEO Again

When it comes to bring in the best for users, undoubtedly Google comes to forefront with new features being added to its search results frequently. The last big leap was of course RankBrain wherein Google had introduced AI in its search algorithm.

Google-Twitter Deal: A Boon Or Bane For Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms and there is huge potential for businesses to grow their popularity & brand in Twitter. This popularity of Twitter has resulted in a new deal between Google and Twitter in which Twitter allowe

Weird Knowledge Graph & Answer Box Results for Sundar Pichai & Amit Singhal

Knowledge Graph Panel in Google’s search results is very common now for any query related to well-known entities like brands or person etc. Still a lot of debates around the source of the information displayed in this section is going on. One th

Google Displaying Both Visit Website And Rates In Hotel Listings Depending Upon Availability

After Google has started showing snack pack results for local queries last month, there was lots of criticism over it because it was difficult to digest that how this snack pack results would be user-friendly having no link to website nor direct

Google Extending Knowledge Graph Features To Individual Search Results

We know that wizards at Google love to do a lot of test on its SERP page for better UX. Today I found some interesting features while searching for information. It seems that they are extending some knowledge graph features to search results directly
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