Twitter Polls: A Safe Way To Know Other’s Opinion In 24 Hrs

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Twitter Polls

Ever wanted of voting personally or wanted to know the opinion from thousands of people to your confusing statement that is roaming around your mind for last 10 days even on some trivial issues? If it is yes, then your wait is over now. The most popular social networking site Twitter has stepped further to add another button in their site to enable each and every single user independent of the various OS platforms may it be Android, iOS or desktop to create a poll and get opinion. Yes, it’s true and Twitter officially announced about it on 21st Oct. 2015.

This is not a new thing for the Twitterati as previously this opinion poll was already there in Twitter but in a different way and that was really messy. There you can ask people to reply with their vote by sending messages using specific hashtags or to track the number of people favouriting or retweeting a tweet.

But the new option is something more understandable and clearer aiming for the maximum popularity. It’s an innovative way to interact with your followers & others.

So let’s have some glimpse of what this Twitter Poll and how can we use it?

Introducing the Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll

This new feature is usually a question followed by two possible answers. It will help you to create an opinion poll and privately cast your vote on the Twitter page, so that you can get opinion from the massive audience or make your opinion count in raising voice easily. This feature will be helpful for the poll creators to know what the public actually think about a particular issue.

Poll Facts you must be aware of

If you want to swim through this Twitter Polls for the first time, you can jump directly to the “compose” option on your Twitter timeline or else you can hit your cursor to the “tweet” button and then the “poll” button.
  • Get ready to write your long queued questions for instant suggestion in the “compose” box. But remember, twitter has provided only 117/116 characters for that. So specify your characters accordingly in such a way that these can represent your thought fully.
  • For now, you have two boxes provided below that compose option named as “choice 1” and “choice 2”. So input your suggestion choice box according to your mind. But here is also limitation of keyboard strokes. You are allowed to write only 20 characters.
  • Then finally let your feelings be expressed in public, so just swipe your mouse cursor to the “tweet” button. Now get ready for the suggestions within 24 hours because the lifespan of a poll is only 24 hours. After that no vote is allowed.
  • Here another thing is that the poll creator & the participator can see the result instantly. Others can see the final result only after 24 hrs. , yet can see total no. of votes voted till now & the no. of hrs. left for voting.
  • Poll Result

  • Those who have voted in a poll will get a push notification as a reminder to check the result.
  • There is absolutely no facility of inserting any type of image or video files while creating a poll.
  • Also if you want to vote in any poll but getting afraid of being spotted by others that they might see your participation, stay calm! Even the poll creator will not be able to see. Because Twitter has disabled this option. So feel free to participate always if you want to.
  • No. of character confusion

    While creating a poll in the desktop version of Twitter, it shows character limit of 116. Eventually when the same is checked through Mobile version, it shows character limit of 117. However in the support page of Twitter, it has mentioned 117 character limitation for both web & app version. So let the confusion be cleared by Twitter itself in the coming days. Screenshots from both desktop & mobile added below for reference.

    Character Limit Desktop version

    Character Limit Mobile version

    Goodwill of Twitter Polls

    We can gain a lot through these polls as we are communicating to a large number of audiences. So it’s a mass communication and all of them will be aware of your issue may it be something small or big. So have a look at the benefits awhile.

    • We can ask followers to provide their view on anything like who is going to win in this soccer match or whether they like an idea or not? Anything you can imagine.
    • A manufacturer can get the feedback of his product or service through this easily and get the result whether he is in the right track or not.
    • A marketer can able to reach its targeted and potential audience in easy way by promoting his new product.

    Finally it’s your decision how you will use it. Twitter is trying hard to connect people as much as possible by rolling out new features day by day. So make the best out of it and we expect more new innovative features from this social networking giant in the coming days. Long live Twitter!

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