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Snack Pack

Google local search results pack is a point of interest for every local business. Google has been showing 3- packs & 7- packs local search results for local search queries or when Google thinks user’s search intention is more towards local results. And it has been changing local SERPs frequently for better user experience.

Recently Google has started showing snack pack results, which is a replacement of local carousel results. Google is now showing both snack pack results as well as local pack results for different search queries. You can see in the image below, it’s showing snack pack results for query like “restaurants near me”.

Google Snack Pack Results

In local pack results, Google normally shows business name, reviews, address, phone number etc but in snack pack results, it’s only showing business name, reviews, opening hours. It’s not giving any information regarding URL, address, phone number etc. To get more such information, you’ll have to click the results that take you to other pages with complete information like below.

Alinea Chicago

But it’s not clear that how Google is deciding whether to show local pack or snack pack results for search queries.

How To Get Snack Pack Results For Any Search Query

Google is neither showing snack pack results for all local queries nor for general queries. But recently we’ve found that it’s possible to see snack pack results for any search queries, whether local or general. So let’s check out how it’s possible.

You can use this URL to get snack pack results for any queries.

For example, when I search for “bmw repair” I got snack pack results like this.

Snack Pack With URL

You can see in the address bar Google search URL, tbm=lcl is there and that is mainly responsible for showing snack pack results. Or the same you can get by searching like this,

So you’ll have to use tbm=lcl in your search URL to get snack pack results. Interestingly, you can get snack pack results for any queries. You can try for any brands, any products or anything else. Lets check what Google snack pack results is for search query “toothpaste”

Snack Pack Toothpaste

While playing with different search queries, I found surprising snack pack results for query “Google”. Check below.

Snack Pack Google

An electrician service is ranking #1. Isn’t it funny! Hope, you can play with the above URL for any query and may get more amusing results; if you get any, please share your results in comments.

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