Google lost 56% Mobile Search Visibility: Mobilegeddon Update Suspected!

Posted On : July 27th, 2015   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : Google Update, Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon Update

Panda 4.2 update has been in news since last week. But again this time, it’s suspected that Google has muddled the water by quietly rolling out its Mobilegeddon update last week along with the Panda update.

As we remember, Mobilegeddon was rolled out on April 21, 2015 and even that time Google has declared & confirmed it. But this time, there is no clear news about this. Recently we’ve noticed huge fluxes in mobile SERP.

The confusion is whether this is due to Panda 4.2 or Mobilegeddon. But following snapshot clearly indicates that something is going on with mobile SERP.

Mobilegeddon 21st July Mobile

Mobilegeddon 21st July Desktop

Source: Advanced Web Ranking

From the above two images, it is distinctly visible that on July 21 & 23, huge fluxes were seen in mobile SERP where as for the same dates, there is no major flux in desktop SERP.

Though there is no confirmation about it from Google and neither from SEO community but we strongly feel the same as the mobile SERP flux this time is much more than the first one.

As per this tool, during first update in this series (Mobilegeddon) the changes factor was 6.1 maximum whereas this time on July 23, it was 11.1.

Now, that definitely indicates that something was happened related to Mobilegeddon!

We feel that this time Google has again played the dirty game by mixing up different updates in same period so that it would be too difficult for the SEO community to track how exactly sites are getting affected by the updates. In such situations, no one knows for sure whether a site is affected by one update or the other.

And more surprisingly this time Google is the biggest loser of mobile search visibility according to this week report by Search Metrics. Check here.

Google Lost Mobile Visibility

Google has lost around 56% search visibility for mobile search queries.

Now that points out to an interesting case! As per Search Metrics, it was in #4 among top mobile SEO visibility sites till last week. That means it was in top positions for a huge number of queries in mobile. So even if in absence of some major updates in Mobilegeddon & irrespective of other site’s mobile performance, this single site can generate huge fluxes by its own strength of dominating the mobile SERP if it was affected due to some changes in mobile usability factors. So may be this one creating huge fluxes for the same dates.

We’re waiting for clearer signals and other SEO experts’ comments who are tracking sites affected by Mobilegddon in past. If you’ve found something like this, feel free to share in comment section.

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  1. Mark says:

    We ( have had a huge increase of indexing and query positioning which coincided with our recent DDOS attack/move to Cloudflare and the recent Panda roll out. While we aren’t sure what was the direct cause for Google’s spike in interest with us We are very happy for it. I haven’t checked out direct results related to mobile however. Is Advanced Web Ranking a tool you’d recommend?

    • Hi Mark,
      Great to see you in our blog. First of all thank you for maintaining such a beautiful platform where users can share & find information of their interest.

      It is good to hear that you’ve got nice Google index spikes as mentioned even in your blog post. Well, nothing can be said accurately what exactly made Google to do that. You know how Google tends to meshed up all things. I’ve covered how Google has repeated the same thing last week with Panda 4.2 or Mobilegeddon here.

      As per the tool for tracking; we’re using several tools for different purposes. For Google SERP tracking please check our post
      You can get details there. Apart from that I personally prefer SEMRush for rank tracking and other SEO audit related data. Please send me mail if you need further details about tools or anything else.

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