Google Not Supporting Meta News Keywords Tag

Google No More Supports Meta News Keywords Tag

Posted On : February 21st, 2018   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Technical SEO

In September 2012, Google introduced the meta keywords tag “meta news_keywords” for better understanding of the news content by its search engine. After that, it was the responsibility of the news publishers to mention the relevant as well as important keywords of the respective article under that tag.

But without any announcement, Google had stopped supporting its meta news_keywords tag months ago and removed this tag from their help center.

On 19th February, Google’s John Mueller confirmed this while answering on Twitter.

His tweet says, “it looks like we dropped support for this around the time when we removed it from the help center. Keeping it on pages is fine, we just don’t use it for Google News anymore.

Have a look at the Twitter thread below.

John Mu on Meta News Keywords Tag

Along with this, John Mueller also encouraged publishers to use “News Sitemaps” and said “News sitemaps are a great way to let us know about new content.

John Mu on News Sitemaps

So, here are the 3 important points for publishers

  • Don’t worry about the meta news_keywords tag used for your previous articles.
  • No need to use meta news_keywords tag for your upcoming articles.
  • Should use the News Sitemaps.

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