Duplicate Titles & Meta Descs for Paginated URLs

Should You Ignore Duplicate Titles & Meta Descriptions Warning in Google Search console for Paginated URLs

Posted On : March 15th, 2018   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Technical SEO

Title and Meta Description carry much significance as in search results, these help users to decide whether they should visit the page or not.

So, Google takes more care to check how a site is maintaining these tags in compared to others and specifically issues warning in Google Search Console if multiple pages have same titles or meta descriptions.

But, things are not same when we consider paginated URLs.

Because, If you are getting duplicate title or meta description warning in GSC for your paginated URLs then nothing to worry, you can simply ignore this – Google’s John Mueller Said.

John Mueller recently twitted that, webmasters need to worry about duplicate titles & descriptions present in separate pages but for paginated URLs, it’s normal & expected to use the same. Have a look at the Twitter thread below

Well, pagination is applied to break large content of a single page into several pages for better look & it makes easier for users to read content.

So, technically content in paginated URLs in fact belongs to the same primary page.

Even different titles & meta descriptions for pages that only show products of same category would seem awkward.
So, common title & meta description for paginated URLs is normal.

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