Google Mobile Speed Scorecard & Impact Calculator

Mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator Introduced by Google

Posted On : March 7th, 2018   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Mobile SEO

On Feb 26th at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google introduced two new tools for webmasters and those are

  1. Mobile Speed Scorecard and
  2. Impact Calculator

These tools are intended to help webmasters to check & compare their websites’ mobile speed with their competitors and calculate the revenue impact of their website upon different mobile speeds.

Google is utilizing the Chrome User Experience Report to show the comparison of multiple sites’ mobile speed in the Mobile Speed Scorecard. So, this tool would provide the mobile speed report of thousands of sites from 12 countries but, at a time you can compare maximum 10 sites.

Google Mobile Speed Scorecard

Also, Google notified webmasters about its guidelines on mobile speed. Google says, it will be better for a website to load and become usable within 5 seconds on mid-range mobile devices with 3G connections and within 3 seconds on 4G connections.

Along with this tool, Google has also introduced the Impact Calculator which can take few inputs and calculates the impact on revenue of a website by changing the mobile speed between current speed and minimum speed.

Google Impact Calculator

* Imaginary data used in the above image.

Further, Google lightens up the importance of mobile speed on revenue generation by saying “In retail, we see that for every one second delay in page load time, conversions can fall by up to 20%.”.

You can check out these two tools here.


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