Page Removed Upon DMCA Request

This Is What Happens to Ranking When a Page Is Removed Upon DMCA Request

Posted On : February 19th, 2018   By : Durga Prasad Kundu   To : Google Penalty

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act aka DMCA is there to protect the rights of the online content owned by its owner or the copyright holder. So, when the owner or copyright holder of the content finds unofficial copies of their content on other websites, they simply generate a takedown notice as per DMCA. On receipt of this notice, the copyright content is removed from the website by the website owner or ISP/hosting provider.

Now comes the questions,

  • Is there any immediate impact of ranking for that removed page?
  • Whether the whole site or only the removed page gets affected?

During a recent discussion on Twitter, John Mueller replied, the ranking of the removed page gets affected immediately. Because, as the page is removed from the search, it won’t rank (answer for the 1st question). But, the rest of the site is independent (answer for the 2nd question).

John Mu on DMCA Page Removal

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