OpenAI Codex - Future Of Software Development In Automation

OpenAI Codex – Future Of Software Development In Automation

Posted On : August 12th, 2021   By : Diptimayee Mohanty   To : AI

What Is OpenAI Codex?

OpenAI Codex is an artificial intelligence program that can create its own unique code. It can be used for the creation of new software and to add new features to existing programs and it can even create something that has never existed before.

The main aim of Codex is to allow coders to program without having to write every single bit of code. The AI program will take care of the creation of the code, coming up with the best possible solution.

Codex can be used to create an entire video game or any customize apps or software that depends on code. It is capable of thinking for itself, just like a human.

OpenAI Codex In Action

Recently the company has announced the releasing of Codex API in private beta. And during the announcement, they showcase different features of Codex and how it could be helpful.

1. Creating a Space Game with OpenAI Codex

It’s just surprising that Codex is translating natural language or we can say just conversation into Python code. That means you can create your own game by just giving instruction in plain English to Codex and it’ll give you the required Python code.

2. Creating Hello World Application

With Codex, you can build web pages in minutes. You can even customize your page design, colour, features etc.

3. Data Analysis with Codex

Data analysis with Python will not be a big matter in future. With Codex, you can do data analysis without writing a single line of python code. Python coding will be done for you by Codex, it’ll import required library depending upon your requirements.

4. Codex Will Talk to Your Computer

It can edit your word documents with simple instruction. It can bold or underline paragraph headings or sub-headings of your word document with just voice commands. It can edit texts. See the video for details.

5. Convert Code from One Language to Another

Codex can convert codes written in one language into another language. It’ll be very helpful for developers while working in different platforms.

How OpenAI Codex Works

Codex is a GPT language model, which is capable of creating new code. It is a general-purpose AI program that is able to create software by itself. The AI uses a genetic programming technique that allows it to create a solution that is the best fit for the issue.

The AI program is able to use machine learning to create a code that is able to solve a particular problem. It will start with a basic set of instructions, and then it will modify and improve the code.

Earlier we’ve seen GPT-3 model which can be used for text generation, text classification (sentiment analysis) or chatbot creation. But this time Codex is going to bring revolution in the software industry.

Find more information about the model – Evaluating Large Language Models Trained on Code

How OpenAI Codex Can be Helpful for Developers

OpenAI Codex will be a boon for high-end developers to people with little knowledge in programming languages. Now developers can create applications in less time by taking the help of Codex. They can generate basic blocks of code within seconds without writing the complete blocks of code manually which normally takes lots of time. And thereafter they can tweak it manually depending upon their needs as well as they can do the same thing with the help of Codex.

Even it’ll be helpful for those developers who are working in different platforms with different programming languages. Now they will have to write codes in one language and can use Codex to convert the codes to other languages depending upon the needs of different platforms.

Developers with moderate knowledge in different programming languages can use Codex to develop their simple or complex applications without writing complete code blocks.

Even general people will get a chance to develop simple applications or web pages by giving commands to Codex.

How OpenAI Codex Can be Helpful for Digital Marketers

We are a digital marketing company and have just started creating simple applications like our Google Local Search Results Checker Tool or a YouTube Competitor Analysis Tool which is in testing stage now. So, I thought how SEO industry can use Codex for their needs.

I found that digital marketers can do in-depth data analysis using Python in Google Colab Notebook, without writing a single line of code. They can bring Google Search Console data or back links data of competitors from Ahrefs or organic ranking data from SEMRush and put it in Google Colab Notebook, with Python codes generated from Codex, to do in-depth data analysis.

Even they can create customize simple apps to do competitor analysis or can develop tools for social media analysis.

Final Thoughts

The company claims that Codex is still in its early stages. So, we may face problems in using the final code generated by Codex in real world applications. But as the model will be grown day by day with more and more training data, we’ll see a much better model in very near future.

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